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Ferrysoft Limited

54 Slipway House
Burrells Wharf Square
LONDON, England
E14 3TD

Phone: 020 75370701
Website: http://www.ferrysoft.com

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Company Description

Ferrysoft provides integrated help desk software products and related services. These services include software integration and development services using the Microsoft Windows platform and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Development capability includes the full range of services from initial requirements analysis through to implementation and beyond. The type of software developed includes product development, custom development or modification to existing software systems. Ferrysoft is also able to offer a full range of project management services for the development and deployment of its own software, third party software solutions or in-house software systems and projects. Ferrysoft's flagship product is Ferrysoft Help Desk. Ferrysoft Help Desk is a web based help desk solution for both small and large organisations. It is a flexible, multi-user system for managing 'cases' presented to an internal or external help desk. The system runs on a central server with all access via a web browser. This means that authorised users can access the system from within an organisation wide intranet or globally via the Internet if required. Since access is via a web browser, no software installations are required on client computers. The server side of Ferrysoft Help Desk runs under Internet Information Services (IIS) with a suitable Microsoft Windows operating system. Ferrysoft Help Desk data is stored on the server using Microsoft SQL Server.
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