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Friendly Business Systems

204 Crofton Lane


Phone: 0168 9811471

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Company Description

Friendly Business Systems provides the following services to the micro businesses in South east London: Advice and guidance on purchasing computer hardware and software for use in their business. Assistance with the installation of the purchased hardware and software. Advise on networking their equipment if relevant. Advice on anti-virus software plus help in maintaining and ensuring their computers are virus free. Advice on installing and maintaining software to handle adware and spyware. Assist the organisation in ensuring their computers are kept running efficiently and can be used flexibly. Provide a help facility for their users to call in case of difficulties. Enable the company to install and maintain the requisite back-up systems to conform with the business insurance policy. If required, organise the company presence on the world wide web. Basically Friendly Business Systems aims to offer a complete service to help the micro business with their information systems.
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