A J M Systems Ltd

30 Khandala Gardens

Waterlooville, England

Phone: +1 (02392) 232134
Fax: +1 (02392) 232133
Website: http://www.ajm-systems.co.uk

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Company Description

A J M Systems is a small a specialist electrical contractor installing communications and security systems. Our main line of work is in schools installing data cabling. We offer a complete package of: Network design, installation of cabling, commissioning of the system, and installing the customers’ IT equipment. We also have a number of schools where we offer IT services. In these schools we manage their complete IT requirements. In this line we specify, install and maintain the IT equipment. It is the IT side of the company that we would like develop further. We would like to offer more complete solutions, where we specify and install a complete IT solution for a school or department; every thing from the cabling through to the IT equipment. A J M Systems works closely with our local council’s education IT department. We install and maintain only their recommended systems. We do not believe in segregating schools from unified standards as this leads to support problems with the counties’ proprietary management systems.
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