passage house
45 gloucester street
Cheltenham, England
GL54 5LX

Phone: 0779 934-3253
Fax: 0797 045-8149

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Company Description

sales and marketing solutions to address business development and growth for ambitious business. coherently, effectively and profitably. From services to manufacturing, Actioneering has helped organisations build lasting customer relationships. · Orient performance of all business areas, to strategy. · Needing projects kick started or lacking internal resource? · Deliver bottom line improvement in profitability from effective utilisation of business, people, and information resources. · Develop and action new market and business opportunities or to perform better in existing markets. · Improve the practical business skill set of customer facing / delivery / ‘marketing’ staff and business managers. · Deliver better conversion levels from ‘marketing’ materials and data. · We can help save you from legal action and fines? Protect the legal position from data mishandling and misunderstood legal implications of customer communications. · Enable personnel to utilise information and data, available in the business, to make more effective decisions. · Deliver step change improvements in Customer Relationship Management and use this to enhance financial and business performance. · In mid size entrepreneurial business this process can often require that we engage across the whole scope of the business.
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