Associates In Networking Services Ltd

22 Westwood Avenue

Brentwood, England
CM14 4PA

Phone: +44 (01277) 849884
Fax: +44 (0870) 0549652

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Company Description

Associates in Networking (ANS to our clients) have been serving clients for over 10 years and we provide IT services to all types of client from small to corporate. Our core business which has grown by "word of mouth" is servicing international banks, asset and fund management comanies and investment banks. To these clients (who have their own IT staff) we provide board level strategic consultancy Our expertise enables the widest range of clients to benefit from their IT expenditure and our services ensure that our clients IT becomes a valuable tool to their business and not a headache. Our combined consulting team delivers over 50 man years of real front-line experience to maintain your IT infrastructure at peak performance and we remove the work-load of patches, updates, viruses and maintenance. We enable technologies, such as remote working, remote e-mail, syncing e-mail to PDAs, inter-office communication and wireless LANS to bring real benefits that can be shown as true "Return on Investment".
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