Adara Associates

The Well House
Hibbert Road
Maidenhad, England

Phone: 0870 160 1305

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Company Description

Adara Associates is all about helping people grow their businesses, as we say, "we do whatever it takes to make better sales pipelines" and that's how our clients view us We like doing it, our clients think we do it rather well so that's the focus of our business. A company in the process modeling business had stagnant sales despite being considered the leader it their field by Gartner; they were selling technical benefits at too low a level. We helped them to change their average sale from £20k to £200k by re-engineering their positioning, their sales process and making sure it was well supported by their CRM system. This business level process really opened up their sales potential. Another client selling high value financial applications wasn’t getting the results they wanted from a conventional marketing initiative; with our highly focused rifeshot approach they got “100 percent better results”. Our approach was based on an integrated campaign with several messages each relating very specifically to some carefully segmented and researched target groups, naturally they were delighted with the results. We believe that sales and marketing is one process and for any business development initiative to be successful it must cover the whole pipeline from mailing list to prospects. All too often we find this isn't the case and that we can add enormous value by making things more effective. We also believe that all sales and marketing activity must be driven by results, and the results that matter are sales. We've found that growing companies don't have enough time to do all the things they need to do make both the sales processes and marketing work optimally and appreciate an experienced helping hand on an occasional "as needed" basis We have specific expertise in the implementation of CRM systems, in particular Microsoft. We implement our sales and marketing methodologies in the CRM systems to gain the maximum benefit
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