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Jobmate Ltd

MLS Business Centre
41 Marlowes
Hemel Hempstead, England

Phone: 0845 051-2644
Fax: 0845 051-2655
Website: http://www.jobmate.biz

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Company Description

Jobmate is the UK’s leading provider of job posting and job distribution services - delivering on average over 2 Million job transactions each month - for many of the largest recruiting agencies and companies in the UK. The company supports over 100 distinct employment job boards and many niche boards. Our technology ensures that the data posted to each board enables your vacancy to be highly searchable and free from spurious characters, increasing your response rate. Jobmate also allows you to track the responses from each advertisement, with a comprehensive set of reports. Ad campaign costs can automatically be calculated so that you can see exactly where your advertising budget is being effective. Quota management allows you to control the amount of ad spend your agency makes each month. Jobmate provides the job distribution backbone for many of the UK’s major recruitment agencies and is integrated with several Recruitment “back office” software packages including Voyager, Absolver and Data Connections.
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