Archenfield Archaeology


Hereford, England

Phone: 0143 283-0757

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Company Description

What is our function? · To retrieve, collate and disseminate archaeological and historical information. · To provide methodological support for organisations seeking to undertake field and desk-based archaeological and historical research projects. · To increase public awareness of the history of their localities and communities and to discourage pseudo-history. · To provide historical and archaeological information for visitors to the areas in which we work in order to raise their tourist profile and to add value to the visitor's experience. How do we retrieve information? Archaeological information is retrieved in several ways. The most obvious of these is excavation but other methods include geophysical surveys and more traditional surveys of various levels of intensity. Other information is gathered from building surveys and searches of old records and maps. Core repositories of archaeological information are the Sites and Monuments Records held by the archaeological departments of local authorities. In many cases archaeological work is carried out as part of the planning process. Archaeologists working within the planning departments of local authorities will decide what an appropriate archaeological response would be to a particular development. This then becomes one of the conditions to planning consent. It is then up to the developer to appoint an archaeological contracting company to carry out the required work. Sometimes the only response required is archaeological monitoring, sometimes known as a 'watching brief'. Sometimes a full-scale excavation is required. Sometimes an evaluation excavation is carried out in order to find out more about a site before a planning decision is made. Sometimes fieldwork is carried out for research purposes - in order to gain a greater understanding of the archaeology of an area.
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