abc Data Recovery Limited

Birkendale House
12 Birkendale
Sheffield, England
S6 3NJ

Phone: 0249-1073
Fax: 0114 249-1073

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Company Description

abc Data Recovery Limited was set up in 2005 by Andrew Butler and Brenda Thompson . Andy has over 20 years experience in IT from his early days programming and PC repairs to software and operating system problem solving, his skills and energies are now directed to solving the problems most PC users will encounter during the lifetime of their computer system or network server namely security and protection of their files . The abc DR philosophy revolves around establishing long lasting relationships by providing expert and responsive Information Technology support at reasonable prices. With links to Business and Educational establishments which enables us to provide an array of solutions to meet our customers needs thus often being called DR Andy whenever a system become afflicted and needs attention. Our company is based in central Sheffield and although available Nationally is mainly a local company supporting local business, community groups, charities and home users in and around Sheffield. Tel/ Fax 0114 2491073 email We also supply our services to other local IT Professionals when their own resources do not meet their customer needs. Unlike many other IT specialists and data recovery companies who offer similar services, our data recovery specialist expertise and laboratory facilities are all on site, so we never outsource our work to any other data recovery company. This keeps your data safe and within our control at all times. Our Services File recovery is our speciality, (even if your hard-drive is dead they can often be retrieved) From upgrading, building and supplying servers and bespoke computer systems hardware repairs / upgrades, to removal of infected files and/or replacement of damaged files, to the rescuing and transferring of a users data from one system to another. Ever considered a multi monitor system? enabling you to do more? we build 2–9 monitor pc's just call for a quote 0114 2491073
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