13 Harwood Road

London, England

Phone: 020 7384 4980
Fax: 020 73844989

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Company Description

Alphasoft is a London based professional computer systems house. It was established to provide a range of quality services to fulfill client's information technology needs. Founded in 1992 by two partners, Alphasoft provide their clients with a responsive and quality service and have achieved industry accreditation from companies such as Microsoft and Compaq. Typically, we provide the role of the client's in-house computing resource where full time in-house IT staff are not required. Providing a full service in all aspects of designing, supplying, implementing, securing, managing and maintaining a network is the key to ensuring businesses run smoothly and effectively. Alphasoft's involvement is a key ingredient in shaping the client's IT system. Alphasoft also undertakes custom software development tasks for clients. Alphasoft has extensive experience in the development of networked database solutions and data warehouses using Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques.
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