Acumen Business Systems Limited

Suite 5, First Floor
Cash's Business Centre
Coventry, England

Phone: 024 76 228 759
Fax: 024 76 633 694

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Company Description

It’s amazing how many people assume that business systems have to be complicated and impenetrable. Complicated and impenetrable software is often the product of the methods used to design it. It doesn’t have to be that way. At Acumen we bring clear thinking to complex problems, using simple, clearly defined methods to arrive at the most appropriate solution to your software requirements. Before we even touch a keyboard we work out, with your help, what you need your systems to achieve, how you will work as an organisation and how the eventual software will operate on a day to day basis. Acumen won’t supply an ‘off the shelf’ solution to your particular requirements, because your requirements are just that: particular to you. And because we start from this simple premise, and don’t make generalised assumptions, we overcome the glitches and solve any problems before we even begin writing the software. Simple, but effective Acumen’s software development process places maximum importance on the design phase, where we obtain a description of what you want and write it down. Then we formulate a solution and write that down too. The objective is to come up with a written specification, in plain English, that we and you understand fully. This is then cast in stone as a rulebook for the software development process and, when it comes to the test phase, will be the criteria against which the software will be measured. We just won’t build the software without this specification, so you can be sure the end result will meet your expectations. Why it works ...because it’s designed that way. Our methods ensure that the software that we deliver to you performs exactly as you expected straight away. Extensive pre-release testing is a fundamental part of our development process, and we stand by for up to 60 days after delivery to assist you through the settling-in process that all new software goes through (although we very rarely have anything to do du
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