Alignment Systems Limited

Flat2, 25 Hornsey Lane Gardens
London, England
N6 5NX

Phone: 07990 572469

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Company Description

Software and consultancy services for asset managers, investment banks and hedge funds. We have a number of products and services: The Alignment Engine. Takes care of Portfolio Modelling, Rebalancing, Compliance. Thanks to the 'designed-in' open nature of the system it works in many different investment management paradigms. The Compliance Engine. The real time compliance engine provides an easy to implement compliance solution for Investment Management Excel services. We have extensive experience in design and build of Excel based solutions incorporating database access, systems integration, COM AddIns, Automation AddIns, real time data through DDE and RTD and refactoring old code. The ETF-Sys. Allows for the data gathering of any number of PCF files for ETFs, the valuation of the constituents and then price publication to Reuters and/or Bloomberg using either vendors contribution software, Gissing or proprietary systems. A simple, robust way to make prices for any number of ETFs. Transition Manager. Transition Manager is a tool to allow Transition Managers to work a transition, from bid, through execution to post trade report and TCA. Provides integration with your existing systems and allow for easy 'slice-and-dice' reporting.
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