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Netcentrix Ltd

Holmere Hall
Dykes Lane
Carnforth, England

Phone: 01524 737400
Fax: 01524 737420
Website: http://www.netcentrix.co.uk

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Company Description

This is the 3rd Generation of the Company since it was conceived in 1995. NetCentrix has evolved in both technology and ownership terms with regard to how it is run and operated. The fundamental principles of the company remain strong and its focus sharper than ever, at a time when any IT company needs either to be big or niche. Being niche means that we are able to apply greater attention to detail in projects we plan and customers we develop. As a computer systems provider firmly positioned in the SME and Smaller Corporate space, we have developed a reputation for quality and customer service that is recognised throughout our end user base. Our business model is such that we do not seek to make sales but to acquire customers. Our specialisation in a number of key technology areas means that we can talk with authority on the design, installation, commissioning and on-going support of computer systems, storage subsystems and network infrastructures. But perhaps more importantly, we listen carefully to our customer’s needs and understand how their organisation works and operates. When a new customer comes onboard, we will have helped them to build a realistic IT strategy that will test the latest technology available and we will have studied how it best suits their organisational needs. Our long term customer relationships bear out the fact that we have consistently maintained these objectives, and that we clearly understand our customers requirements which in return has brought them a competitive advantage in their own marketplace. NetCentrix delivers a wide range of solutions that help organisations meet business challenges and every solution is configured to extract better value, mitigate operational risk and to increase business agility. All of our solutions are based on proven technologies from best-of-breed suppliers. By combining their technological expertise with our own experience we ensure that every pound of IT investment is justified and accountable.
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