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Fifosys Limited

18 Wadsworth Road
Middlesex, England

Phone: 0870 787-2287
Fax: 0870 787-2286
Website: http://www.fifosys.com/

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Company Description

Fifosys is a business that is built on expertise, trust and loyalty and it is these qualities we wish to share with our clients to develop relationships allowing us to provide a long lasting service. We specilise in providing end to end solutions to business that wish to deal with a single supplier. This relationship allows Fifosys the ability to manage all relationships with all business ICT providers therby providing our clients a single point of contact. We represent our clients best interests by understanding more about their business. Our services are not aimed at any specific sector of the industry as there is a common use of IT systems in businesses today. It is the increasing complexity of systems that we recognise as an area of concern in the market. This especially affects the businesses that do not have the capital to invest in large IT departments to constantly address their needs; hence SME's are the target market we can be of greatest value to. We always advise our customers, who wish to maximize their IT capabilities to take into consideration some of the following aspects: the size of the organisation, the working culture and organisational structure, their existing infrastructure, any growth and/or change plans on the horizon and a host of other factors, before settling on a technical solution. We are able to use our experience in the IT field through constant research and development to ensure that our clients IT system is sufficient to address the direction of their business now and in the future. We will endeavour to make you aware of technical developments that may affect the future of your systems. This is not a chargeable service we provide but an ongoing responsibility to our clients based on the partnership we will build.
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