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Fleming Software Limited

St. Andrew's Castle
33 St. Andrew's Street South
Bury St. Edmunds, England
IP33 3PH

Phone: 01284 753058
Website: http://www.fleming-sw.co.uk

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Company Description

Fleming Software provides software and IT Services for Sheet Metal Engineering applications. We offer a range of CAD and CAM software aimed at sheet metal fabrication companies or units. The main CAD product is called AutoPOL, and the main CAM product is Automatic Machining. With AutoPOL you can design sheet metal parts in 3D, or import solid models from other CAD systems, and create accurate flat pattern development drawings at the touch of a button. With Automatic Machining you can schedule the parts for production, and produce optimised NC programs for nested sheets to be cut on punching, laser, plasma or router machine tools, with almost total automation, leading to reduced programming and lead times and probably improved material utilisation. In addition Fleming Software provides related and un-related IT services to sheet metal fabrication companies. Projects range from customisation of the standard software or integration with other CAD or ERP software to free-standing software modules built to customer specification.
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