Archetype Software Ltd

15 Stepend Road

Cumnock, Scotland

Phone: +44 (141) 942 7695
Fax: +44 (141) 587 7819

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Company Description

Archetype leads the way in management systems for Design Offices The most comprehensive and easiest system for managing your office, projects, documents, job costs and fees. A SINGLE ACCESS POINT FOR ALL YOUR PROJECT INFORMATION. Archetype combines Practice, Document and Information Management, including Document Production, into one easy to use integrated system developed specifically for the design office. More than 50 modules in a single integrated system covering Contact Management, Correspondence (Archetype's Email management is possibly the single most important part of Archetype), Time sheets, Certificates and Instructions, Drawing Management, Scanning incoming documents, Schedules, Meetings (minutes and agendas), Snagging, etc. Archetype Finance adds to Archetype to provide job costing and fee management facilities. Archetype uses any of three different database systems making it suitable for small (we have a number of single man practices), medium and large offices. You can ask our consultants which of these is the most appropriate for your use. MDB This is the Microsoft Access database format. Archetype creates separate files for each project, ensuring that files are kept to manageable sizes and for ease of archiving projects. Archetype is supplied with the runtime version of Access so there is no additional purchase required. Microsoft SQL Server This is Microsoft's SQL server (see Various versions of this may be part of your server operating system or you may have other applications that use it. SQL Server 2005 offers enterprise-class features and functionality to support critical applications with high levels of availability. MySQL This is a fully compliant SQL Server database system used by many large organisations. (see
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