add3 Limited

15 Wescott Road

Wokingham, England
RG40 2ER

Phone: +1 (44) 7785397761

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Company Description

add3 is an IT consultancy company focusing on enterprise level application delivery and virtualisation. As a specialist in thin-client and virtualisation technologies we work with our clients to enhance their entire corporate application delivery, using best of breed technologies and strategies without losing sight of the need to improve efficiency and responsiveness whilst reducing cost. add3 Limited work and partner with market leading vendors including Citrix, Softricity, VMware and AppSense, and have proven experience in providing end to end solutions. Our background is in Microsoft, Citrix and Softricity and related technologies. We have highly qualified staff, all with MCSE 2003 and Citrix CCEA as standard. We are happy to provide individual consultants names and qualifications which you can confirm with Microsoft or Citrix by viewing the online transcript. Our background means we have a wealth of experience with other technologies which complement the secure application delivery infrastructure such as AppSense, RSA SecurID and Firewall design and configuration. In addition we have knowledge of a wide range of major application software (SAP, Coda, Business Objects, Oracle and many more) along with the experience gained from manipulating less common and older applications into a multi-user environment. We are interested in the whole project. Our engineers are not just "techies"; they are experienced project planners who are keen to ensure your own technical team are as informed and as involved as possible throughout the project life-cycle. Although our consultants are self sufficient and are happy working alone, we do not offer "black box" solutions - you will receive extensive knowledge transfer and documentation of all of our work.
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