Alias Computers Ltd

7 Wyndham Street

Bridgend, Wales
CF31 1ED

Phone: 01656 651622

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Company Description

Alias Computers is an innovative computer shop with a difference. We are highly skilled computer engineers who pride ourselves on customer service. We want to ensure we help you make the right choice. Our open and honest approach will suit all computers users from those, who are just starting to the computer enthusiasts. We offer the following: Notebooks, Desktops, Multimedia Centres, TFT's TV's and Computers. Computers and Laptops servicing and repair. LAN Gaming and Internet access. Computer Tuition. Free advise. We have refreshments and confectionery on site. If you have a computer related problem why not come in and share it with us? We may be able to guide you to a solution. Inside store we have 17 computers LAN (linked) so you can play games against your friends. See our gaming section for games in store. There is sure to be one that suits you. For our members we offer tournament evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You must be competitive to get your name on the league table. Services PC and Laptop Servicing & Repair Are you frustrated by the time it takes for your computer to load up or to print? Then have an upgrade. This could save you money by giving your computer a new lease of life!!! Or alternatively give it to the PC Doctor, let Richard - our computer engineer give it a service and get rid of some of those unwanted files and viruses which can also be another reason why your system is turing slow or constantly crashing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Services include - Hardware A complete hardware clean; all of your components and fans will be removed and cleaned. Remember if you fans are blocked then your system will overheat and will affect your PC's performance and can even lead to components breaking down, so let's extend the life of you system. Software We remove spyware and adwareand help maintain a secure environment.
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