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Pay reviews are an inevitable part of the business year, but even the most seasoned managers find them a challenge. They're no picnic for your employees either. Our advice can help you handle them properly.

How much time do you spend marketing your business? And how is that time split between marketing to existing customers, and finding new ones? Keeping good customers loyal whilst trying to bring in new business is often a tough balancing act, but one that's vital to the success of many companies.

This month we've got ideas and information to help you optimise your marketing effort. Some you might have tried before, but hopefully there's something new as well. If you only click one link, make sure it's the one that gives you free access to our online marketing course (free registration required).

Clare Barclay,
Head of Small Business,
Microsoft UK.

Online marketing training - free with Small Business+
Our online marketing training includes advice about using customer databases, loyalty and more. Why not try it now? (Free registration required.)

Business branding
A strong brand gives your company a real identity and shows people what you stand for. Read our guide to branding.

Sell more effectively by putting the benefits first
Show customers how your product meets their needs and you'll sell more. Here are some tips to help you talk about the benefits of your products.

Trouble ahead?
This three-minute business health check from Decision Finance and MSN can show you how well your company is performing. Try it now.

Office tip
March's software tutorial
See how to create an email newsletter in Microsoft Publisher. It's quick, cheap, and an excellent way of staying in touch with your customers.
View tutorial >>                    More Publisher tips >>

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