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bCentralMay 2005  

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Have you seen the new bCentral?

We've redesigned the site with a fresh new look which makes finding the information you need even easier. There are also some exciting new features on the way. Visit the site to find out more.

Get set for summer

Long summer evenings are just around the corner, and it's this time of year when people's thoughts turn to getting away. The summer can present opportunities and challenges to every business - so this month we give you advice to get your company through the sunny season. Who knows, you might even find time for a holiday yourself...

Find and manage short-term staff
Even if your business doesn't experience a surge in demand during the summer, you might need to find ways of managing when regular staff are away. We know it can be a headache coping without a full team - here's our advice on how to find people to help you out.

Holidays and leave - entitlement, and how to cope
There's never a good time for employees to ask for time off, and saying no to a reasonable request isn't an option. Get the ins and outs on holiday entitlement - read our guide to employee leave.

Plan your advertising to boost seasonal sales
Do things usually get quiet for your business when the weather gets warm? Maybe you could boost sales - and your cashflow - with some extra advertising. Get free, custom advice on how to plan your advertising (registration required).

May's software tip
If you need a break during a PowerPoint presentation, just press B to turn the screen black, or W to turn it white. If you've got a Tablet PC, you can then use your touchscreen as a black or whiteboard. Read more tips.

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