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bCentral September 2005  

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What do you think of Microsoft?

Every year, Microsoft surveys a selection of customers to find out what they think of the company and what their priorities are. To make sure we get a good cross-section of people, the survey is invitation only. The responses help shape what Microsoft does next, so if you get invited to take part, please take the time to make your views known.

Stay cash positive

Even if sales are up, cashflow can be a big headache for your business. It's a common problem - if you can't pay staff because your money is tied up in outstanding invoices then you're in trouble. This month we look at how to stay cash positive, and show you how to cope if the final demands start to stack up.

Better late than never?
Late- and non-payers can cripple your company. But there are ways to weed out the invoice dodgers before they become a problem - and you can turn the screws on anyone who's being really awkward. Find out more now...

Factor friction
Your invoices probably demand payment in 30 days, but with help from a factor you could see the money straight away. You'll pay commission of course, but it could still be worth it. Kate Sharp explains.

Quids in
Breaking even is good, but making a profit is better. It means there's more money for your business - and for your wallet. Here are five ways to make your business more profitable. (Free registration required.)

How - now
Unless you're an accountant, tracking your finances can be a challenge. Our How To... guides will help you with this and more. Check out our download centre to see what we've got - you can even order copies for free.

Office tip
September's software tip
Outlook 2003 can show you a map with a contact's address marked on it. Just click Contacts on the shortcut bar and double-click a contact to view their details. Then go to the Actions menu and choose Display Map of Address. More tips >>

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