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The 2007 Microsoft Office system

Early information about the next version of Microsoft's office suite

The lineup of the upcoming 2007 Microsoft Office system has been announced. This is an integrated system of programs, servers, and services designed to help you meet your business and personal needs.

The 2007 Office system will be available in late 2006 (early 2007 for some customers), allowing you to work more efficiently, get more organised, and collaborate more effectively than ever before.

There will be a number of different editions of the 2007 Microsoft Office system, making it easy for you to find the solution that meets your business needs. You can see a comparison table of the different versions on the Microsoft website.


Quote�The updates in this release will be the most significant changes to the user interface for over a decade.�End Quote

The 2007 Microsoft Office system has been designed to be easier to use, so you can focus on what you want to do rather than how to do it. The updates in this forthcoming release will be the most significant changes to the Office user interface for over a decade. Read about the changes to see how the 2007 Office system could make producing documents more straightforward than ever.

The 2007 Office release will also make it easier to share information. It's been designed to make collaboration within companies simple, and it includes features to cope with the growing amount of business data that many organisations grapple with on a daily basis.

It's early days yet for the 2007 Microsoft Office system. The best place to get more information, and stay right up-to-date with the latest developments is over on the Office Online website. You can sign up to receive all the latest 2007 Office system news by email, and read all about the new user interface and other new features.

As the launch of grows closer, we'll be sharing more information and revealing some of the new features that could see you putting the 2007 Microsoft Office system at the heart of your business.

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