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About Webstars Ltd.

At Webstars we believe we offer our clients a unique attitude to service and product delivery. Far too often designers in our industry create visually stunning websites only to discover that they delight the client on first impression but fail to work to the given specification. The result is a product that looks fabulous but ultimately frustrates the client and alienates the end user. Good design is obviously important - and we take great pride in our visual styling and graphics - but the most important element of web site creation always has to be simplicity and functionality. Our business depends on making your business a success. And the success of your business depends on your customers and clients having access to a reliable and effective custom-built web site.

From the very first inquiry we make sure we know exactly what our clients are looking for. The whole purpose of our daily business is to come up the simplest and most effective way to meet those specific needs. We plan the whole process to ensure your site will achieve the desired results and we do this before a single line of html is coded!

Webstars is 'grown-up' company. The world of web design has a rather fast and flashy image (often well-deserved), which we realize can be off-putting for people coming to it from other industries. With that in mind, we take a scrupulously professional and efficient approach to each project we undertake. We won't baffle you with jargon or pretentious and outlandish suggestions which might look impressive in our portfolio but would be unnecessarily complex or involved for the purposes of your business needs. We approach each new project keeping in mind the same three criteria:

  • Marketing (best way of presenting client's services to the widest possible audience)
  • Technology (what technologies will most effectively and simply create the type of site the client requires)
  • Design (how best to incorporate client preferences and meet the expectations of site users)

These considerations are all important in creating a website that gets results.

Once the project specification is complete, Webstars will provide a detailed outline of all costs, a breakdown of the project phases and their individual time frames. Unless the client wishes to make changes to the original brief during the development of the project, our project costs don't change from our original estimates. What we quote is what you pay! And the same goes for completion times - as long as our designers and programmers are adequately provided with any relevant source materials, completion will be within the time frame specified in the initial agreement.