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About Lamberhurst Corporation

Unlike the traditional consultant mould Lamberhurst consultants have worked in senior and executive positions, managing and leading some of the largest public and private sector corporations’ interests in the UK and internationally. Business school theory is backed by real world business experiences across a range of management and leadership disciplines to ensure that there is a focus on return on investment and to delivering solutions that can be implemented in the workplace.
Our business professionals are focussed on ensuring that outputs and expected results are understood and agreed by all parties; that they understand the ethos and cultural requirements of the environments they are working within and that clients are involved in the planning and ongoing review processes within each programme. Each client programme is backed up with a quality assessment ensuring consistent high performance interventions that deliver pre-agreed benefits
Each professional is supported by a growing team of business people and is able to draw upon additional skills and competences as and when client programmes demand. There may be a requirement to inject additional resources to meet changing deadlines, or the scope of work may expand and require expert assistance. Whatever the demands of a client project Lamberhurst is able to provide a flexible solution. Lamberhurst professionals have been responsible for business growth, service delivery, personnel development, process improvement and cost control in their own right, as leaders of well known national and international private and public sector organisations; and will be focussed on how a researched recommendation or a new skill can release additional value in a clients business.
Services that Lamberhurst offer include:
  • Strategy Development
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Investment
  • Leadership & Executive mentoring
  • Profit Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Market & Customer Research
  • Performance Management
  • Export/New Markets Assessment
  • Cost Analysis & Control       
  • Best practice/quality procedures
  • Supply Chain Rationalisation
  • Supplier Assessments/Tenders and Audits
  • Product & Service Rationalisation
  • Transition/Programme Management
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Interim Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Relations
Clients additionally benefit from working with senior personnel throughout the duration of each individual project and having access to a very broad range of solutions through a single contact point
Lamberhurst consultants have held senior and executive posts and worked in interim positions as: -
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Presidents & Vice Presidents
  • Managing Directors
  • Finance Directors
  • Sales & Marketing Directors
  • HR Directors
  • Technical, Operations, IT and Service Directors
  • Project Managers and Consultants
At Lamberhurst we are business people like you. We have all held senior, often executive, positions in the corporate and public sectors. We have all the appropriate academic credentials you would expect from any business consultancy, where we differ is our approach. We pride ourselves on providing a pragmatic service and prefer the label Business Practitioners. We can advise across many functional disciplines, and are always focused on measurable business outcomes. We believe that there is no real alternative to sound business experience! Sometimes our services are delivered as discreet projects – researching and testing new markets, negotiating major contracts, and managing change programmes for example; and sometimes our services are delivered through your people – as mentors, guides and coaches.