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About Simply About Business Ltd


Simply About Business specializes in the provision of legal services and solutions for business.  The current market offers some legal resources to business.  There are a number of legal helplines which are useful but limited in the service they can offer.  There are also firms of solicitors who provide a necessary, although usually high cost service.  Here at Simply About Business, we fit between these two services resulting in a friendly, approachable team who can assist you on a more cost effective basis.

We are practical and approachable in our style and we have total commitment to the interests of our clients.  We aim to provide business oriented legal advice and solutions which are tailored to your business needs.  Our advisers have worked in both the legal and business sector so are able to combine their commercial and legal expertise to provide a practical resource with a first hand understanding of the commercial issues you face.  This allows us to offer a somewhat unique service.

We have found that company’s find our services particularly useful and cost effective when involved in a legal matter where their legal costs are unlikely to be recovered from their opponents for example, in employment law issues.  Also where only a small amount of legal cost is likely to be recoverable from the opponent for example in a small claim.

We work with company’s of all sizes offering legal assistance in the form of providing advice, drafting documents, resolving disputes, undertaking negotiations and offering preventative advice.  We can operate as the equivalent of your own in-house legal resource that you call upon as and when required or we can assist your own in-house legal team on specific projects.



1.   Availability We appreciate that often, especially for smaller businesses, it can be difficult to take time out of the office to obtain legal advice and that it may not be practical to make telephone calls during normal business operating hours.  As such, by pre-arrangement, we are open for business 7 days a week at a time that suits you. 

2.      Your time We appreciate that your time is money therefore we try to minimize the need for face to face meetings.  We live in an electronic age therefore we conduct most of our communications by e-mail and telephone so the requirement for face to face discussions is kept to a minimum.  Adopting such operating methods also mean that we are not subject to geographical constraints.  We have clients all over the UK and Europe.

3.   Cost Research indicates that many firms do not seek legal advice for fear of large legal bills as such, we operate on a lower hourly rate with billing structured in such a way that you only pay for the time used.  Furthermore, we can offer a number of payment structures and some work can be undertaken for a fixed fee.

4.      Commercially Focused Our advisers are experienced in both the legal and business environment with first hand experience of operating in both sectors. 

5.      Understanding We avoid using complicated legal jargon.  We also aim to help you to understand the issue so that, where possible steps can be taken to avoid recurrence.  Furthermore, we will coach you through the legal process should you wish to retain control of the matter yourself.

6.   Service We are committed to providing a practical, low cost legal resource with no compromise on service standards.  We are not a firm of solicitors however, all of our Advisors hold a legal qualification.