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About Regent


The whole of business and personal finance can be a real puzzle to solve sometimes. Issues become increasingly more complex with lots of options. It can be difficult to see the way forward clearly. Some of the pieces may be missing and some you already have may not seem to fit into any sensible strategy anymore. Other puzzles, like many things in life, are simple, if you just know where to look.

This can apply whether you are an executive of a company or an individual needing advice. For example, you may be the  CEO or FD of an organisation in need of guidance to control your pension liabilities or insuring against business risks; the trustees of a pension scheme wondering how best to deal with the onerous duties placed upon you; an executive pondering outsourcing parts of your business or processes to reduce costs or increase efficiency; a private individual or a family wondering how best to plan and protect for the future; a high earner looking to mitigate income taxes; an individual or estate with considerable wealth and inheritance tax issues.

Regent was formed in 1997 as an independent and impartial group of companies dedicated to dealing in the financial services sector. We are privately owned with the major shareholders being our executives and the balance with our employees. One of our strengths is that all of the directors are involved in driving forward our business activities and each has over 20 years’ experience in our areas of operation.

 In acting for our clients we are dealing on a day-to-day basis with all of the following issues:

  •         Group Pensions, Trusteeship and Employee Benefits    
  •         Actuarial and Consultancy
  •         Insurance Broking
  •         Outsourcing & Business Reviews (inc mis-selling)
  •         Resource & Technology    
  •         Data Management & Processing
  •         Individual and Corporate Personal Financial Advice (authorised and regulated by the    Financial  Services Authority)

Our senior staff have great expertise in working with major UK organisations and professional introducers, as well as with dealing with individual private client work. With all this activity comes understanding of the consulting, servicing, and risk management issues.

 We provide blended solutions to a rising number of corporate clients and we carry out specialist project and consultancy work. This is especially the case in the fields of pensions, business reviews, and process solutions. 

 We have often been described as a niche or “boutique” group. That said our reach is wide. We have the expertise and experience to act for clients that include FTSE 100 companies – banks, fund management groups, product providers and companies. We also advise an expanding number of individual private clients – numbering now over 20,000, with in excess of £1 billion of investment funds under our agencies and management.   

Being neither a small nor a large company, we have retained both a personal and hands on approach in what can commonly be a depersonalised service industry. At the same time we have the overall critical mass to enable the infrastructure support, technology, and scale required, in the delivery of our services to clients.

We operate throughout the UK, delivered from our growing offices in London (City), Bath, Borehamwood, Merseyside, Salisbury and for our corporate outsource clients we are represented in Delhi (NOIDA), India.

 Welcome to Regent for independent and impartial advice and services.

Regent IFA Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority