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About Paramount Group Ltd

Paramount Group are not beholden to any financial institution, enabling us to provide Clients with completely unbiased advice from the entire marketplace.

At the time of establishing Paramount, the seven Directors had a combined experience in the financial services industry of some 120 years.  Since authorisation early in 2005 we have sought and recruited over 13 other highly experienced and qualified Advisers, each with their own unique areas of specialisation.  This influx of expertise has enabled us to segment our business through centres of excellence.

Paramount Group has created a departmental structure covering various specialisms, which allows us to deal with the ever-increasing complexity of financial products and services, their regulation and the impact of other Government legislation, including taxation. Our model enables us to work alongside other professional advisers such as Accountants, Solicitors and Stockbrokers to provide a holistic approach to Clients’ financial needs.

A team of Administrators, Researchers and Technical Managers, who have access to the most up-to-date research and information technology, supports the Advisers.  Where the necessary expertise is not in-house we have a trusted relationship with other organisations and professionals to supplement our own knowledge and experience

Overall our objective is to provide our Clients with the most suitable advice, both at the initial stage of the process and over the lifetime of the recommendation.