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About Bluegrass Consultancy Ltd

Our goal is to help clients achieve excellence through continuous improvement, best practice, dynamic project management, delivering targeted and sustainable results.

Over the years the consultancy marketplace has witnessed a change in traditional in-house employee based business to more of an independent consultant model. Some of the most experienced people in the industry have left their permanent positions looking for greater autonomy and job satisfaction. Bluegrass has harnessed this move by building an alliance of permanent staff and independent contractors.

We offer our clients the best of the consulting company experience and most importantly our services are not just aimed at large companies. Consultancy should be a service that all businesses can gain benefit from. Our role is to deliver the benefits and provide our clients with a positive experience.

Bluegrass is built on a strong set of values and principles. We expect our consultants to operate in an honest and ethical manner, with a consistently high standard of integrity in all relationships with our clients, our clients staff, their clients, and other consultants.

In summary our core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Customer service
  • Quality results
  • Value for the customer
  • Work and life balance
We are committed to doing all we can to serve and support our clients, from assisting with business feasibility to providing support for the implementation of projects and business transformation. We aim to generate sustainable benefits for our clients that will help them grow.

If clients do not have the required skills to accommodate in-house projects or business change, Bluegrass is able to choose from our team of professionals to create a group of experts that specifically meets the requirements of our clients.