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About Casablanca Consulting

The Business was formed in 2003 to answer a demand for properly informed, logical and effective marketing strategies to replace the random loose-cannon approach of so many unqualified "creative" agencies. Our skills include the usual Strategic Marketer's complement of research, analysis, facilitation, decision support and presentation skills, alongside Marcomms skills like copy writing and design.

However, we also have a wider set of complementary skills in-house, including financial analysis, project and change management, so we can really deliver what you need - right to the end.

We have worked with many clients - all of them facing difficult questions about their markets, their products and services, or their ability to fund and manage their expansion strategies.

Unless you already have an up-to-date market strategy supported by facts, we would normally begin by creating one. The Raptor(TM) method ensures that our clients have up to date information for use with a number of public domain techniques (Directional Policy Matrix, Ansoff, BCG, SWOT) and a few proprietory ones, built from 20 years' solid experience in Business Strategy, to help companies to

  • develop and launch NEW PRODUCTS that really bring competitive advantage
  • enter NEW MARKETS
  • decide WHICH DIRECTION to take next

Once decisions have been reached we POSITION the company, range or single product to beat the competition through DIFFERENTIATING it in ways that  that address the target market directly. We do this through PRICING, VISUALS, key MESSAGES and appropriate CHANNELS.

We then work with you to set realistic but challenging targets, so you can get investment if you need it, and  put into place various activities, managed and led by us :

  • project managing PRODUCT development  & /or new CHANNEL development
  • developing and CHANGE managing new PROCESSES and internal STRUCTURES
  • devising and implementing MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS campaigns (websites, advertising, direct etc)
  • financial models to test proposed PRICING under different scenarios

NEWS: In 2007 the company will be splitting its activities into two. Many clients come to us with their business strategies already in place and don't need our help in this area, so we have decided to separate out the execution work listed in the CAMEL brochure, (such as design and copy writing) under the CASABLANCA MARKETING website, while Strategies, Business Plans, and the rest of the RAPTOR range will appear under the new CASABLANCA CONSULTING  site. Rest assured, however, that this is just a presenation change. All our activites remain fully integrated and managed by a single team.