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How to Buy Software: Which Licence is Right for You?

Every Microsoft software product has a licence, and users can buy licences in three different ways: singly with the software CD in a box; with the software already installed on a new PC; or in volume, when you get a discount for buying five or more licences. Within volume licensing, you can buy perpetual licences that give you the right to use software permanently, or non-perpetual licences that let you use software for a specified time.

To purchase licences please visit one of our resellers or find a partner in your area. �For more advice on choosing licenses that best suit your business needs contact the Microsoft Customer Licensing Team, now, on 0870 60 10 100

Windows Licensing

Windows licensing can be confusing. The PC Legal Checklist goes back to basics, so everyone in every business knows exactly where they stand:

Every PC needs a licence for every software package installed

There are only 2 legal ways to get a Windows licence: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or a Full Packaged Product

Volume licensing only covers Windows operating system upgrades

OEM operating system licences live and die with each PC - they are not transferable

For more information about Windows licensing, visit www.bcpclegal.co.uk.

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