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Install Software Updates Now to Reduce Downtime Later

When you run a business, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Sometimes you have to take precautions today to avoid pitfalls tomorrow. That's certainly true when it comes to protecting your business from computer viruses, crashes, hackers, annoying pop-up ads and other threats to productivity. Downloading the powerful new Windows XP Service Pack 2 now will help prevent costly business interruptions later. SP2 is a free download for Windows XP users.

Security for Beginners
Don't assume small businesses get overlooked by the cyber bad guys. Turns out small businesses may be more vulnerable because they don't have resources to adequately protect themselves against attacks. That makes them easier prey. Find out Why Security Matters for businesses of all sizes.

Security for Beginners: Criminal Hacking, Viruses and Malicious Activities

Safeguard Your Business in 7 Steps
Spend fewer than 30 minutes a day working through our 7-point, do-it-yourself security checklist and in less than two weeks you'll have greatly reduced your vulnerability to viruses, hackers and other security breaches. Here's how to get started:

Small Business Computer Security Checklist
Yes, It Can Happen to You

An architecture firm learns the hard way about lax backup procedures. An ad company takes a hit over sloppy password protection. If security isn't a priority, you're at risk too.

Find Out if Your Computers are Vulnerable

The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser (MBSA) is a free tool you can download and use to scan your standalone or networked computers for security vulnerabilities. With MBSA you can easily find missing security updates for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems. MBSA also works with desktop applications such as Microsoft Office and server applications such as Microsoft Exchange.�After scanning your computers, MBSA provides information on how to locate and install necessary updates.


Get the Latest Security Updates

Get Equipped
Follow our guide and get the IT you need

Small Business Server
Use your network to the full with this essential package

Essential Events
Meet and influence people, learn, share ideas and more


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