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Microsoft Publisher Tip: Exact Positioning with Nudge

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For very precise positioning of objects on the page, use Publisher's Nudge option. Select the object you need to move and use Arrange | Nudge to prod it in the relevant direction (up, down, right or left).

You can also use the keyboard alternative - hold down Alt and press the appropriate arrow key.

You can change the increment of movement by going to Tools | Options | Edit. The final option on that screen is the one you want; although it says it applies to the arrow keys, the changes you make here will also apply to Arrange | Nudge.

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If you want really precise positioning, right-click the object and select the Format option. Click the Position tab and you'll be able to enter specific numerical values to position the object.

This is absolutely the best way to make sure things will be laid out correctly. Trying to position objects by eye on your monitor can be deceptive (because of the relatively large size of the pixels used to display objects) and the results can be surprisingly ugly. Do the maths and enter precise numbers if your design elements have to be positioned exactly.

You can also enter specific values in the Size tab. Select Lock aspect ratio if you want one dimension to change proportionately when you alter the other.

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