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Buying software for your business

When you buy Microsoft software, you actually buy the right to use that software - otherwise known as buying a software licence. If you're only buying one or two copies of a product, then it's usually easiest to buy individual boxed copies. But if you need to buy several licences at a time (for example, you need copies of Office 2003 for ten computers) then there are cheaper ways to get the software you need.

If you're not sure where to start, then read our overview of the options when it comes to buying software. Otherwise, our simple licensing chooser will help you discover which is the best way for your company to buy software. Just click start to begin:

This licensing chooser will help you get a feel for the different options available. However, if you need to purchase multiple licences, or have more complex requirements, it's best to speak to someone who can tailor a package to your company's particular needs. They can make sure you get good value for money. Our Resource Directory lets you search for someone local who can help.

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