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Buying Legal Software

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It's GenUwin: Get round the licensing maze and avoid the viruses to win

Working with a specialist
Get tailored advice on the best software for your company

Me? A software pirate?
Is your business unwittingly using illegal software?

Buy it right
Software licensing isn't rocket science - it just seems like it

A criminal enterprise
Some illegal software puts money in the hands of serious criminals

Stay out of trouble
Keep track of your software and avoid breaking the law

How do I buy?
Get the software you need at the best price

The right licence for you
Answer our questions and see the best way to buy software for your business

Facing the consequences
What can happen if illegal software use gets noticed

Too good to be true?
Cheap software - it's often not the bargain it appears

Bought it? Now use it properly
Order our free guides and learn how to use your software better

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Do you sell through your business website?

Do you sell through your business website?

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