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It's GenUwin: Get round the licensing maze and avoid the viruses to win

Our game GenUwinWe know that software licensing isn't the most interesting of subjects. So we thought we'd inject a bit of excitement with GenUwin, our game. Can you find your way through the licensing maze, eat all the dots and avoid the viruses? Play now and find out (Flash required).

After other information about buying software?

The concept of software licensing can be very confusing. Our introduction to licensing explains it in plain English, and our Licensing Chooser can help you find out which licence is right for you.

Find out why suspiciously cheap software is often too good to be true.

Could your business be using software illegally without realising it?

Read about keeping track of your software.

But if you want to be distracted for five minutes, give GenUwin try. Just don't blame us if five minutes becomes half-an-hour.

Play GenUWin

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