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IT Security

Why security matters
Why your small business should be bothered about computer security

Stay safe online
Follow these tips to look out for yourself on the internet

Viruses, worms and trojans
Avoid the nasties that want to harm your computer

Fighting a virus
Electronic antibiotics for your computer's infection

Keep your data safe
Windows XP will help you prevent data loss

Using a firewall
Stop the threats before they can cause damage

Secure free training
Sign up for Small Business+ membership and get free business training

Computer viruses
Learn more about how the enemy works and what you can do to avoid infection

Antivirus software
Make sure you're checking for infection

Stopping spyware
Who's watching you? Keep your computer spyware free

How to practice safe text
It's as easy as falling off a (b)log

Feeling blue on Oscar night
How to ensure that your data is safe when using a bluetooth-enabled device

Free calls - risk free?
VoIP services like Skype offer free calls - here's what to watch out for

Sell safely on eBay
Take advantage of eBay opportunities, stay safe and avoid the fraudsters

Bad things happen to companies
These businesses were unlucky - you don't have to be

Latest updates
Get the latest security updates to stay safe

Security advice from Get Safe Online

Sign into Microsoft Small Business+ for free web-based training, online chat help and software support.

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Security information

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Security information

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