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bCentral is Microsoft's website for the UK's small business community

Clare Barclay, Head of Small Business, Microsoft UK The DTI estimates that, of the four million enterprises in the UK, 99.2 per cent are small businesses - defined as those employing less than 50 people. Collectively, they account for 46 per cent of national employment, and 38 per cent of turnover.

bCentral is Microsoft UK's initiative to help those millions of small business owner-managers. Our products are in use in small businesses across the country, giving us an unrivalled insight into how you work, and what you want to achieve.

If you're a small business owner, you're probably trying to juggle many different balls at once. Technology is probably one of them - and unless you're a technology business, it probably isn't the most important one. What you're looking for is reliable, straight-talking advice on what today's hardware and software can actually do for you, across your business.

As a company, Microsoft is creating and developing tools which - we believe - will bring real benefits to your small business, and will justify your investment in them. We wouldn't be doing it otherwise.

But bCentral's objective isn't to push the latest Microsoft software release at you. It may be appropriate for your business, it may not. Only you can make that call. We want to give you enough knowledge, in terms you can understand, to make the right decision for your business. And if you do opt for Microsoft's products, we want to help you make the most of them.

You don't start a small business because you want to deal with mountains of paperwork and administration. You do it because you're passionate about what you do. You want to keep everything else to a minimum.

Why do we do this? Because we genuinely believe in the potential of the UK's small business sector. And we're passionate about working alongside you to fulfil it.

Clare Barclay
Head of Small Business
Microsoft UK

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We're always keen to hear from bCentral users with any thoughts or feedback about our website, and the service we offer to small businesses. Find out how to get in touch with us here.

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Over the coming year we’ll be running a series of consultations to improve our communications, products and services for smaller businesses. If you'd like to voice your opinions on our web site, bCentral, share your experiences of business technology solutions or take part in one of our other consulation activities you can find out more about becoming part of our Customer Advisory Panel here.

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