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I want protection from virus attacks.

The vulnerability of company data can be enough to keep you awake at night. It’s not just the routine network hassles or security threats from viruses, worms and the like. It’s also the challenge of establishing proper back-up procedures to protect your stock records, payroll information, customer data and other crucial information.

Then again, as your employee numbers grow, there are pressing issues of data confidentiality to consider. How do you securely and safely control access to sensitive files?

It’s a business challenge we understand. Let us help you solve it.

Enjoy the business benefits

With Microsoft small-business solutions, we can help put your mind at ease and tackle security issues by enabling you to:

  • Automatically copy your business files onto tapes or back-up disks
  • Automatically copy files from employees’ PCs to the server to be backed up
  • Safeguard your business data with a firewall
  • Securely control access privileges to your sensitive files
  • Deploy security updates across your entire network simultaneously, ensuring everyone is protected at a stroke
  • Retrieve lost or accidentally deleted files
Find the solution for your business

To help you safeguard your company data effectively, we recommend the following small-business solution:

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2

Microsoft Windows Vista

Get specialist information and advice

Investing in IT can drive business growth and make your company easier to manage. We appreciate that making an initial IT hardware and software investment can be hard - that’s why, through Microsoft Financing, we can help you make this investment. Find out how to boost your business by contacting one of our specialist IT consultants today.

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