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I want my sales people to spend less time searching and more time selling

We understand the importance of gathering together - and having easy access to – your customer information. After all, this is the knowledge that enables you to spot repeat-business opportunities, particularly through up-selling and cross-selling.

So why should you still struggle with having to painstakingly save and then – later - search around for customer information that’s currently stored in different places?

It’s a business challenge we understand. Let us help you solve it.

See how Microsoft small-business solutions can help you get closer to your customers:

  • Set up one central location for all customer data
  • Build a complete picture of your customers to gain valuable insights
  • Tailor your customer communications and manage mailing lists easily
  • Respond faster to customer requests
  • Access customers’ full sales history
  • Share information more effectively
Find the solution for your Business

To help you manage your customer relationships more effectively, we recommend the following small-business solutions:

CRM Solutions from Microsoft
Gain all the benefits of Microsoft Office as well as keeping track of your customers.

Microsoft Office Live
A new, hosted, centralised-information service for start-up organisations, featuring some customer management functionality.

Get Specialist information and advice

Investing in IT can drive business growth and make your company easier to manage. We understand that making an initial IT hardware and software investment can be hard - that’s why, through Microsoft Financing, we can help you make this investment. Find out how to boost your business by contacting one of our specialist IT consultants today.

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