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I want to manage all my sales and marketing in-house.

Marketing your company to potential customers in a targeted, co-ordinated and professional way can be quite a challenge. You may feel obliged to outsource your marketing communications to a third party, which – while expensive – at least allows you to present a professional image.

And, in a world where business increasingly takes place online, your growing business may be at a disadvantage without its own website, or even its own email address (@yourcompany.co.uk).

We can help you deliver more cost-efficient sales and marketing in-house, as well as enable you to create an impressive presence online.

It’s a business challenge we understand. Let us help you solve it.

Enjoy the business benefits

See how Microsoft small-business solutions can help you get closer to your customers:

  • Run sales and marketing campaigns with different forms of communication – eg faxed special offers, mail-merged introductory letters and emailed follow-ups
  • Create personalised and targeted communications using shared contacts or information stored in Business Contact Manager
  • Track responses to your communications and ensure they are processed in a timely way
  • Manage sales opportunities more efficiently and increase sales success
  • Have your business name as your email address
  • Create and edit your own website and intranet
Find the solution for your business

To help you manage your company data more effectively, we recommend the following small-business solutions:

Microsoft Office 2007
Get closer to your customers while presenting a more professional image with Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition.

CRM Solutions from Microsoft
Gain all the benefits of Microsoft Office as well as keeping track of your customers.

Microsoft Office Live with free website and email
Are you a company with one to five PCs? Get online and look more professional with our new, hosted, centralised-information service for start-up organisations.

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2
Get online and look more professional as a growing company.

Get specialist information and advice

Investing in IT can drive business growth and make your company easier to manage. We appreciate that making an initial IT hardware and software investment can be hard - that’s why, through Microsoft Financing, we can help you make this investment. Find out how to boost your business by contacting one of our specialist IT consultants today.

Contact your local IT consultant

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