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How do I buy?

Get the Microsoft software you need at the best price

Depending on your requirements there are different licensing (or purchasing) options to suit different businesses:

Boxed software for one computer

Available to buy from retail outlets, by mail order or from other software resellers.

Software pre-installed on one computer

Available from an 'original equipment manufacturer' (OEM). You can buy pre-installed software on OEM computers from retail outlets, by mail order or from other software resellers.

To purchase boxed software for one computer or pre-installed software, visit a selection of online retailers.

Software for more than one computer

Microsoft volume licensing programmes offer companies of all sizes, several cost-effective ways to buy and manage multiple software licences - for as few as five personal computers.

How do I buy software licences through Open Value?

Microsoft Open Value licensing is a volume licence programme for small businesses with a minimum of five PCs. Open Value licensing offers a number of benefits.

More flexibility. In the same way that you can purchase a car using different payment schemes, such as hire purchase or buying outright, you can choose from a number of payment methods with Open Value.

Easier management. You don't need to store software boxes or multiple CDs, as Open Value licences are managed online.

Lower costs. Includes 50% off Microsoft Office for the first year through a subscription agreement.

Support, training and tools. Open Value gives you access to Software Assurance, our software maintenance programme that encompasses extra support, training and other benefits including access to the latest software versions.

What next?

To find out more, contact a Microsoft consultant.

Sign into Microsoft Small Business+ for free web-based training and software support.

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What do you want your PC to help you with?

What do you want your PC to help you with?

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