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For the manager of a small business, it's a constant challenge to simplify your daily business tasks so you can focus on your customers. Those tasks may include developing customer relationships, following up sales leads, fine-tuning marketing campaigns, working on the move - and all the while you also have to worry about everything from cash flow to data security to employee satisfaction. It's an unenviable call.

What’s your business concern?
Manage and develop your customers

It's a real challenge to effectively gather, manage and use knowledge about customers. How can you build more profitable, long-term customer relationships while finding new opportunities?

Attract new customers

Knowing your potential customers is one thing; letting them know about you is quite another. How can you get closer to potential customers while presenting a more professional image in all communications?

Improve your financial management

How can you gain tighter control over your financial management, without burdening your employees with unfamiliar software?

Work from anywhere, any time

It isn't always easy to cut the downtime that occurs when employees are on the road, or to accommodate requests to work from home. How can you enable greater productivity - and increase employee satisfaction?

Secure your data easily

Are IT hassles like viruses, junk mail and network glitches affecting your productivity and profitability? How can you keep your company data secure as the network grows?

Save time and resources

How can you save time and resources, ensuring that critical files are easily found and all employees have the latest price lists and sales collateral?

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