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Do you want to be more responsive to your customers, but still don’t feel you are equipped to contact customers or access internal information when you’re travelling? Are your employees asking to work from home – and you don’t know where to start?

It’s a stressful situation: caught between the demands of your customers on the one hand, and your employees on the other. But why shouldn’t you be able to satisfy both - to be more accessible to your customers, while enabling employees to work more flexibly?

It’s a business challenge we understand. Let us help you tackle it.

Enjoy the business benefits

See how Microsoft mobile-working solutions can help boost your business:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by responding quickly to your customers even when out of the office, by accessing email remotely
  • Increase productivity by being able to access information when out of the office
  • Use any web browser on an internet connection to securely check your email, calendar and contacts
  • Connect to the web remotely and wirelessly, using a pocket PC
  • Read and reply to your emails from anywhere (and access your calendar, contacts and to-do list) using a Microsoft Windows-based smartphone
  • Respond to government requirements to consider employee requests for flexible work patterns
Find the solution for your business

To help you and your employees stay productive wherever you are and whenever you need to work, we recommend the following solution:

Windows Vista Business
Easily connect, communicate and network with people and information – in or out of the office.

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2
Enables you and your employees to stay productive out of the office by providing secure access to your business information.

Microsoft Windows Mobile solutions
Find out more about the devices and technology that enables you to improve your flexibility away from the office.

Get specialist information and advice

Investing in IT can drive business growth and make your company easier to manage. We appreciate that making an initial IT hardware and software investment can be hard - that’s why, through Microsoft Financing, we can help you make this investment. Find out how to boost your business by contacting one of our specialist IT consultants today.

Contact your local IT consultant

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