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We understand the frustration that can result when you can’t find critical files – and you waste time on either searching, copying the data from one machine to another, or re-typing the same information back into the system or document.

It’s the kind of frantic situation that can arise when key information – diaries, customer records, accounts, orders and the like - is stored in different places.

So how can you save time and resources by ensuring that critical files are easily found - and that all employees have the latest price lists, sales materials or contracts, without the need to transfer them onto disk or memory stick?

It’s a business challenge we understand. Let us help you solve it.

Enjoy the business benefits

See how Microsoft solutions help you find, use and share key information quickly:

  • Set up one central location for all company data (accessible to all employees with permissions)
  • Manage mailing lists easily
  • Keep important documents centrally and share information more effectively
  • Integrate powerfully with your other business systems
  • Have a company intranet for document libraries, holiday calendar, contact lists and latest company news
  • Save time by centralising information and resources such as printers, rather than transferring information from PC to PC
Find the solution for your business

To help you manage your company data more effectively, we recommend the following small-business solutions:

Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2
Small Business Server can save you and your employees time otherwise wasted on manual processes.

CRM Solutions from Microsoft
Manage your time and resources better with the CRM solutions in Microsoft Office and in our other business solutions.

Microsoft Office Live
A new, hosted, centralised-information service for start-up organisations.

Get specialist information and advice

Investing in IT can drive business growth and make your company easier to manage. We appreciate that making an initial IT hardware and software investment can be hard - that’s why, through Microsoft Financing, we can help you make this investment. Find out how to boost your business by contacting one of our specialist IT consultants today.

Contact your local IT consultant

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