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Here at bCentral, we've put together some tools to help your business. Whether you want a complete custom business plan for your company, or just need some pointers to choose a mobile device that's right for you, we can probably help.


Play GenUwin and find out about licensing GenUwin
Can you find your way through the licensing maze, eat all the dots and avoid the viruses? Play our game GenUwin and find out now.


Security quiz Security health check
Could your business cope without its computers? Are you striking the right balance between security and flexibility? Answer a dozen questions and see how you score.


Mobile device chooser Go mobile
Laptop, Smartphone or Pocket PC? Answer a few simple questions and we'll figure out which mobile device is best for you.


Licensing chooser How to buy software
When you buy Microsoft software, you are actually buying the right to use that software - also known as a licence. Knowing which to buy can be confusing. Our tool will show you how to get the best value.


Hotspots finder Wi-Fi near you
With wireless hotspots everywhere, it's easy to get connected when you're out and about. Just enter your postcode or location and we'll show you where to get online wirelessly.


Find an IT consultant Find an IT consultant
If you don't know what software you need, or want to make better use of the IT you've got, perhaps some one-on-one advice from an IT specialist can help. Search for someone local who can help.


Sign into Microsoft Small Business+ for free web-based training, online chat help and software support.

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Do you sell through your business website?

Do you sell through your business website?

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