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Your business plan
An introduction to business plans: why you need one and how to use it

Research your plan
The homework you should do to write your plan confidently

Business plan checklist
What you should cover to give yourself a solid start

Double-check it all
Review your plan as soon as it's finished - have you covered it all?

Innocent Drinks
How four mates quit their 'grown-up' jobs to start a smoothie company

Do this, not that
Things you must do, and things you mustn't, when writing your plan

SWOT ... what?
How to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Choose a business name
Keep it meaningful and snappy - and don't try to be too smart

Growing by franchising
Building on someone else's success

How franchises work
What franchising's about - from fast food to finance

Federations and associations
The chance to network, share ideas and meet new people

Buying from auctions
Pick up some bargains and equip your business on the cheap

Create a valuable business
How to create a company that'll be worth something in years to come

Starting up in retail
Things to watch out for in the retail sector

Planning in practice
From paper to practice - how business planning works in the real world

Revisit your plan
How to use your business plan as your company develops

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