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Mail Merge with Microsoft Word

Send each of your customers a personalised mailing - automatically

Mail merges let you send mail shots to your customers. You create the document – maybe a promotional letter or vouchers – and the software fills in each customer’s details automatically. Microsoft Office makes mail merges easier than ever. Follow these steps to faster direct mail:

Step 1: Create a new document

Start with a blank document in Microsoft Word. If your Task Pane isn't showing, go to the View menu and select Task Pane

Click the arrow at the top of the Task Pane and select Mail Merge

Select a Letters document type

Click Next

Step 2: Are you starting from scratch?

If you’re starting from scratch Use the current document

If you want to use a template, click Start from template

If you’ve prepared your letter, click Start from existing document and open your document

Step 3: Choose your recipients

If you’ve an existing database, Use an existing list and click Browse

If you want to use your Outlook contacts, click Select from Outlook contacts, then choose your contacts folder

If you don't have a database of recipients and wish to start from scratch, click Type a new list, and then click Create. Enter the contacts names and click new to create a new record. Click Close when you’re done

Give your data source a name and click Save

Step 4: Write your letter

Click Next: Write your letter

Now click where in your document you want your address block to appear

Click Address Block to select the format of your recipients' names

Choose if you want to use company names and postal addresses

When you're done, click OK

Now click where you want your greeting line to appear and click Greeting Line

Select your greeting line format and click OK

When you're happy click Next: Preview your letters

Step 5: Check everything

Browse your letters using the back and forward buttons

If you’re happy click Next: Complete the Merge

Step 6: Merge and print

In the Merge to New Document dialog box, select the letters you wish to merge

Click OK

This document will contain all the letters. Use this document to make changes to individual letters

Your original document will be open in the background. Use this if you wish to make changes to all your letters simultaneously

When you’re done, print or save your document

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Merge your envelopes too

Press Control N to start a new document

Select Envelopes

Click Next: Starting Document

Change the document layout and click Envelope options

Choose your envelope size

If you need to, make changes to your layout and click OK

Click Next: Select recipients, and repeat Step Three

Click Next: Arrange your envelope

Click where you want the name and address to appear and click Address Block

Click Next: Preview your envelopes

Check your envelopes

Click Next: Complete the merge

Click Print. Select the envelopes you want to merge and click OK

What next?

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