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Get going fast with Publisher

Repeat elements on facing pages

When you place elements onto your Master Page (background) they’ll be the same on every page. If you’re creating a publication with facing pages, you might want to arrange your elements so they’re facing each other:

Go to the Arrange menu and select Layout

Check Create Two Backgrounds With Mirrored Guides

Click OK

Go to the View menu and select Go to Background

Add the elements you want on your background. If you want to copy an element, hold down Control and drag the element to where you want it

Once you're happy with the position of your elements, go to the View menu and Go to Foreground

Hide your background for a specific page

Hiding a background on a page is easy:

Go to the page, then to the View menu and select Ignore Background.

Using the Design Checker

The Design Checker scans your publication and reports back on common layout problems such as empty frames, text in the overflow area and spacing between sentences.

To use the Design Checker:

Go to the Tools menu and select Design Checker

To check for specific problems, click Options, then click Check selected features and choose what you want to search for

Select the pages you’d like to check and click OK

When Design Checker finds a problem you can either fix the problem and continue, or choose to ignore it

Click OK when the check is complete.

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Using the Design Gallery

The Design Gallery gives you a selection of design objects to include in your publication. These can be mastheads, calendars, reply forms and picture captions.

To use something from the Design Gallery in your publication:

Click the Design Gallery Object icon on the Objects toolbar

Look through the categories and choose your element

Click Insert

Size and position the element on the page

It’s easy to add elements to your Design Gallery. Try your company logo or masthead:

Click the element

Go to the Insert menu and select Add Selection to Design Gallery

Give the element a name and specify its category

Click OK

Customise a colour scheme for your publication

Microsoft Publisher comes with standard colour schemes for you to use in your publications. But it’s also easy to create your own colour schemes.

Go to the Format menu and select Color Schemes

Click the Custom Color Scheme tab in the dialog box

Click the arrow for the colour you want to change

Select a new colour. If the colour you want isn't there, click More Colors

Do this for the other colours in the scheme

When you’ve finished click Save Scheme

Click OK twice

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