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Make your own Excel templates
If you reuse the same styles, templates could save you time

'The New World Of Work'
Bill Gates describes his vision of smarter software

Top Tips for Microsoft Word
Formatting paragraphs, capital letters, plus a pile of shortcuts

Layout Tips for Microsoft Word
Make sure the look of your documents is as good as the content

Slide backgrounds with clipart
Give your PowerPoint slides impact by using edited clipart as a background

Mail Merge with Microsoft Word
Send each of your customers a personalised mailing - automatically

Tips to Get Organised with Outlook
Sort out your stuff and be more efficient

Email Tips for Microsoft Outlook
Manage your inbox more effectively

Tips for Microsoft Publisher
Get going fast with Publisher

More tips for Microsoft Publisher
Layout pages precisely, grouping objects and more

Using colour in Outlook
This tutorial makes colour-coded organisation in Outlook easy

Newsletters with Publisher
Create an email newsletter to stay in touch with customers

Get more out of your software
Free training, free resources, free support from Small Business+

Clever Outlook signatures
Our tutorial on how to make your emails more professional with signatures

Tips for Microsoft Excel
Draw borders, use functions and error-free printing

8 Tips for Microsoft Excel
Navigate, sort, and edit your data with ease

A grand opening
Create a looping introduction in PowerPoint to get people's attention

Outlook calendars online
Publish your calendar online, and everyone can see when you're busy

Search and replace
Clever tricks to make search-and-replace easy and useful

Landscape into portrait
How to insert landscape pages into a portrait document - or vice-versa

Easy email newsletters
With Microsoft Publisher you can create email newsletters quickly

Page numbers, header and footer
Tutorial showing you how to number pages properly in Microsoft Word

Setup search folders
Our tutorial on how to organise emails automatically in Outlook

Custom toolbars in Microsoft Office
Get to the functions you use most with a single click

Customising clipart
Step-by-step guide to quickly changing clipart colours in Microsoft PowerPoint

Launch a print mailout
Make a great first impression and reduce your printing costs

Create professional proposals
Create smart proposals with Microsoft Office

PowerPoint grid layouts
Give your slides balance and symmetry by snapping to a grid

Get more from Windows XP
Learn how to work with files, customise your desktop and organise photos

Organise your day with Outlook
How to use the features in Microsoft Outlook to get more organised

Produce brochures
How to create professional company brochures with Microsoft Publisher

Sharing information
Different ways of sharing documents and other information. Which is for you?

Track finances in Excel
Quick ways to analyse the numbers that affect your business

New PC?
Reproduce your familiar environment, files and settings on a new PC

More efficient accounting
Features in Microsoft Excel that can streamline your finances

Billionaire Bill
The man behind Microsoft on the birth of a giant

Excel web query tutorial
Pulling data from the web into your spreadsheets

How to... guides
From mail merges to websites - printed guides show you how to

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