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Publish your calendar online, and everyone can see when you're busy

It's easy to publish an Outlook calendar on the web - perhaps for public consumption (future club meeting dates, say) or for private use (putting key dates on to the company intranet, for instance, or at least putting them on a shared folder so that any team member with internet access can check the calendar).

Click File | New | Folder to create a folder containing calendar items. Assemble and format the calendar, then use File | Save as Web Page. You can specify start and end dates, title, and a background graphic as well as its file name.

If you have an entry on the calendar that you don't want to share with others, mark it as Private by right-clicking on it and selecting Private.

The calendar will be saved as a standard-format HTML file, which you can then copy to a website along with its folder.

The resulting file is editable as normal with any web editor, or even a simple text editor like Notepad, though depending on your experience the HTML may seem complex. You can easily remove the 'Created by ..' and Outlook graphic on the bottom right if you like, and the folder will contain a CAL.CSS style sheet which you can play with if you are sufficiently confident.

Incidentally, open CAL.CSS in Notepad or a web editor and use Find-and-Replace to locate any occurrence of #669999 (the colour code for that green) and change them to say #003366 (a much calmer blue).

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